Inspiring Creativity Educator Grant

Grant image2Welcome to Foundation for District 11 “Inspiring Creativity” educator grant page.

The grants are awarded to applicants for specific requests designed to enhance the academic and educational achievement of District 11 students. The grants are awarded to individual educators, teams of teachers and/or District 11 personnel and parent or student groups. The Foundation will be awarding approximately $12,000 in individual grant awards ranging in size from $100 to a maximum of $500.

The purpose of the “Inspiring Creativity” grants is to allow teachers, parents, students and staff of District 11 to provide opportunities to enrich and enhance the educational experiences for students in the district. The Foundation supports any effort that will positively impact student achievement and well-being.

All applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

~The impact of your project on student creativity and/or education
~The goals of the project and their alignment to academic standards
~The expected outcomes of the project and how its effectiveness will be evaluated
~The target population to be impacted by the project
~The budget for the project

The members of the District 11 Foundation look forward to this opportunity to assist you by funding projects that may not get funded through tight school budgets. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

To apply, please click here for the online application.

Foundation for School District 11
Wayne Hutchison, President
Marie Sullivan, Grant Coordinator